Anhui Whywin International Co., LTD. was founded on December 13th, 2005. The company's main products are digital media products, paper pulp, paper products, textiles as well as the materials, equipments and technology that allowed by national imported policies. There are nearly one hundred customers all over the world we cooperate. At present, the company has a great competitive advantage of the core business -- digital media products, pulp and paper products and other cultural products imported and exported.
Anhui Whywin International Co., LTD. makes full use of their basis on cultural industry and foreign trade, explores new strategies of industrial grafting, new measures and new modes. Now the company has owned seven branches, one joint venture, three overseas offices and more than 200 employees. A comprehensive international cultural industry companies have begun to take shape.
The company started from scratch, with the business philosophy of "goods on the whole world and sincere in Whywin", the enterprise scale has been expanding year by year, and the economic benefits have been steadily improved. Anhui Whywin International Co., LTD. is a famous enterprises in Anhui Province, she is also the first company who has an import and export volumn exceeding 100 million US dollars per year. For years she ranks on the "China top 500 enterprises of foreign trade and exports" and she also ranks th first 50 in exports average growth rate in the list of that top 500 companies. Anhui Whywin International Co., LTD. enjoys a great reputation at home and abroad. She has won many national and provincial awards such as the "National Culture And Export Enterprises", "Top 500" Chinese Foreign Trade", "Workers Pioneer", "National Advanced Enterprise Business Services", "China Quality Credit Enterprise", "Anhui Export Brand", "Anhui Made Civilized Unit" and so on.